Just Block EVERYTHING – Texas Principal

I know some educators are reading this right now and thinking to themselves “You’re RIGHT! But my district’s internet filtering blocks everything!” or “my administration doesn’t support my students using much technology” or “my district encourages technology but they want to make sure that they can control every aspect of everything we use.”  And I know it’s frustrating.  I’ve dealt with it all too!  And I’m fed up.  I’m to the point where I just want to throw my hands up and say, “Why don’t you just block EVERYTHING!?!?”…

Just Block EVERYTHING – Texas Principal.

5 thoughts on “Just Block EVERYTHING – Texas Principal

    1. Jennifer Carey Post author

      Yes, that is true. However, there are ways to address and protect a school from liability that don’t include wholly blocking. You can monitor, educate, and mentor. Blocking outlets because they could be used for abuse is akin to banning books because a student used it to brain another one or removing pens because they can be used as a stabbing device.

      1. Language Arts Teacher

        I believe they have language and content filters. I know social sites are blocked @ are school. I happen to be in agreement with that type of blockage. What type of things are being blocked @ your school.

      2. Jennifer Carey Post author

        Many schools block social sites, email sites, youtube, and more. Personally, I disagree with blocking social media or closed social media policies as social media can be harnessed effectively and creatively for learning. See what my colleague did earlier this month using Instagram (other schools have done the same using Twitter and Facebook): https://indianajen.com/2013/02/21/harnessing-socia-media-to-teach-the-classics/ Let’s not forget that many students have Smart Phones that allow them to by pass blocking and filtering.
        Language and content filters are also ineffective. For example, many students cannot access foreign language sites because they trigger offensive language filters (e.g. in Latin, the word for “this” and a key word for grammatical construction is “cum”). I know science classes that cannot read news articles about breast cancer. I can see banning hard core porn sites, but blanket bans are hampering and do not help educators to prepare students for the “real world”. Students are using these tools and many schools have them navigating the waters alone and without guidance.

      3. Language Arts Teacher

        In a utopian society kids will use the Internet only for good. We live in the real world though. Unless your school is an extremely digitalized school, I don’t see how having a free for all on the Internet works. Good luck with everything…

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