Great Blogs & News Feeds for Educators

Here is a great list of blogs for educators to follow!

NPR: Education – This is National Public Radiod’s section on education. It addresses concerns about public education, academic trends, and general news about education.

Tech & Learning: Ideas and Tools for Ed Tech Leaders – Some great ideas on how to implement technology in the classroom addressing topics like STEM, Common Core, tools, etc.

Mathy McMatherson – A great blog by a teacher of math in an underprivileged school in Arizona.

Tech Tips – Technology Tips for Elementary School Teachers – A wonderful blog hosted by my colleague Karen Arrington. She focuses on effective adoption and implementation of technology in an elementary environment.

Powerful Learning Practice – Voices of the Learning Revolution – A blog by educators, administrators, and other educational leaders with a primary focus on connected learning.

Ed Tech Teacher Blog – The blog hosted by the Ed Tech Teacher team and focusing on a variety of educational technology topics.

ISTE Blog – The official blog for the International Society for Technology in Education. It focuses on a variety of topics of education in technology throughout the world.

CUE Blog – Official blog for Computer Using Educators (CUE). It focuses on a variety of educational technology topics.

Cool Cat Teacher – A great blog by Vickie Davis, a full time educator and prolific writer. What I love about her blog is the personal element.

2¢ Worth – The blog of the “grandfather of educational technology” David Warlick. He focuses on the changing landscape of education.

KQED Mind/Shift – covering cultural and technology trends, groundbreaking research, education policy and more.

21K12: Exploring & Celebrating 21st century Learning – Focusing on trends and pedagogy within 21st century learning.

Huffington Post: Education – Huffington Posts’ Education section.

Education Week – Weekly publication on all things education. Their blogs update daily.

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