(Mostly Free) Polling Services to Use in Your Classroom!

I love to use polls and polling software in my classroom to ensure that my students are understanding the content and material. There are a number of free (or tiered price) services out there to use!

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 9.57.17 AMPoll Everywhere – Poll Everywhere is one fo my favorite tools. I’ve written a few posts on it in the past (Poll Everywhere – a Free Alternative to Polling Hardware). What I love about Poll Everywhere is its flexibility. Students can text in an answer, go to a dedicated website, tweet, etc. It doesn’t require a smart phone or expensive hardware. I’m also a big fan of its moderated back channeling ability (a paid feature). The basic features of Poll Everywhere are free, with tiered pricing for K-12 and Higher Education.

Socrative – Socrative is another excellent quizzing and polling program created specifically for an educational environment. Socrative allows you to engage your students with polls, quizzes, games, etc. They even have a repository of questions. Socrative relies on the use of its iOS or web based apps to use. It is wholly and entirely free!

Polldaddy – Primarily integrated into WordPress, PollDaddy has begun to expand into mobile and live polling response methods. When you get your results, you can embed them, email them, and create enhanced display options. Poll Daddy will also allow you to export in a variety of methods.

logo-header-47eb264f49153f43eb918e380458676aClassPager – Allows you to create polls, exit tickets, and provide personalized feedback in your classroom using SMS messaging. It will even allow you to export data and information to parents! There are multiple pricing plans and options.


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