The Night Before the First Day of School

1186007_10100384508014834_1282121961_nTomorrow is the first day of school. While the focus of the first day is often on the students, for teachers this is also an exciting time. We have some of the same considerations – what will our classes be like, how will the year progress, will we be successful or struggle… It is always an exciting time.

For me, tomorrow isn’t just the start of the new school year, I am beginning at a fresh school in an untested position. While I have been at Ransom Everglades School as their Director of Educational Technology for “officially” six weeks, I have been working with the faculty for only one and tomorrow I will be meeting the students. I feel like it’s the night before 7th grade all over again!

Today, I went to a local restaurant for breakfast and to work on my syllabus and lesson plans for the week. I felt pretty good when I finished. On the walk home, I got caught in a torrential downpour – the kind that prop up in South Florida without warning. I looked like a drowned-rat. Let’s hope that this is not a foreboding sign of what’s to come… 😉

12 thoughts on “The Night Before the First Day of School

  1. Language Arts Teacher

    First days are fun, exciting, and a bunch of nervous energy for everyone… Best of luck with tomorrow as well as the rest of the year.

  2. robertlfs


    I am wholly confident that you will be very very successful in your new position. Your passion and commitment to innovative and engaging approaches to education are very inspirational. Having followed your blog and adventures in education for I guess a couple of years now, I am confident that your new school knows how fortunate they are that you bring your talents to their classroom. I have learned a lot from you. Best wishes as you go about your important work!


  3. Donna Janasik

    I have the night before the first day butterflies as I read your post, and I don’t go back for two more weeks. (I am, however, in the midst of unpacking and deploying new devices.). Do you also teach classes in your new position? Good luck tomorrow and have fun!


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