Preparing for the Age of Digital Exploration – My TEDxMosesBrown Video

My friend and colleague Beth Holland presented at TedEX!

Beth Holland

First off, I want to publicly thank Grant Lichtman for the subconscious inspiration for this talk. In reading The Falconer, something inspired this concept and I submitted the proposal below.

Packing for the Age of Digital Exploration – The 10 Essentials

Most expeditions begin with an end in mind. Odysseus sought to get home. Columbus set sail for a new world. Edmund Hillary eyed the Summit of Everest. However, what turns does a journey take when the destination has not yet come into existence? How do you pack? What skills do you need when the end is undefined? We are all on this journey right now – as students, as parents, as mentors, and as educators. Unlike the explorers before us, we didn’t get to choose this quest. Tim Berners Lee, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Jimmy Wales and other innovators have foisted this on us…

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