Free Copies of iAnnotate (Normally $9.99)

iAnnotate by Branchfire has given me 30 codes to distribute to educators. It’s an amazing PDF editing and annotation tools for the iPad. Send me a tweet or leave me a comment about how you would use it for education and score one of these codes!


49 thoughts on “Free Copies of iAnnotate (Normally $9.99)

  1. Kacey

    Hi- I am a professor at a college of pharmacy. I teach mainly from guidelines and journal articles since the medical field is rapidly changing and evolving. I’d use iannotate to share annotated PDFs with my students on rotation with me as well as organize my documents. Thanks!

  2. Saikat Das


    I am a PhD student in Mathematics. I am also instructor for undergraduate courses. I plan to use iAnnotate to create nice geometric pictures and use the pictures in my notes and lectures. Thanks for sharing the codes.

  3. Sara H.

    Note taking apps are so crucial to leveraging iPads for learning. I am a tech coach working with teachers and students in a fairly large 1:1 program. I look forward to exploring this app to see all that it can do. Can’t wait 🙂

  4. Jon Busch

    I teach AP US History and work with my students to read with a pen in their hand… Now with a 1:1 grant…all my students have computers and I would love to encourage the to “MARK UP” our readings … thought soars when we “MARK UP” READINGS… and who does not like making a mess 🙂

  5. Ryan Snow

    As a tech integrator at a 1:1 iPad high school, I would use it to share annotated articles with faculty and students as well as to show faculty the benefits of iAnnotate in the classroom.

  6. Julie Jenewein

    I am an ELL teacher and Personalized Learning Coach. As a teacher, I would love to be able to show students how to actively read articles and other types of texts. As a Personalized Learning Coach, I would share how to go about using iAnnotate with students in 1:1 iPad classes with their students. Thanks for your willingness to share with educators!

  7. Amber Parks

    I’m a Library Media Specialist in Missouri and I would love to be share how it works with my faculty, staff, and students. Thanks!

  8. Melissa Fedosh

    I would love one as well. I am an occupational therapist and just finished my educational technology certification and would love to use this!

  9. Janice Robertson

    I’m a teacher librarian in Mississauga Ont. I run a Tech Tuesday session for teachers every Tuesday all year. I’d love to try the app, and if it is as good as you say, would demo it to staff and then potentially buy it to put on our iPads. We don’t have a decent annotating app chosen yet, but we’re looking.

    Janice Robertson

  10. Patrick Reid (@patrickreid28)

    Thanks for this opportunity Jennifer. I teach science in a BYOD environment, and work with my students on modeling reading case studies and technical writing. If you have any more codes, I would love the opportunity to be able to use this app as I project my iPad on my students devices or through the projector.

  11. Caroline

    I’d love a code! I’m an instructional technology coach in an elementary building as well as the computer club sponsor. I would definitely put it to good use!!!

  12. Robin Tucceri

    I’m a technology integration specialist, and I’m constantly creating how-to documents for my colleagues. I’d love to show them how it’s done using iAnnotate! I’m also just beginning to use Google Classroom, and I think this particular app is a nice complement to Classroom. Thank you!

  13. Kelly

    I am a teacher in Australia, I teach 3 days a week with a year 3 class and 2 days a week for School of Distance Ed, where we teach children over the internet. I would love to use and share this resource in both of my roles.

  14. kpalm23

    I am a teacher in Australia. I teach in both the classroom and over the internet. iAnnotate would be a great tool to both use and share with colleagues in both of my teaching positions.
    Thanks, Kelly

  15. Francisco

    Hi! My name is Francisco Gonzálvez and I’m an ESL Teacher from Spain. Apart from going paperless with all my documents and the organization, I select up-to-date texts from the internet, in order to work with my students the reading activities, and with this, we could Annotate, highlight and make analysis of them and everything from the iPad. Then they send them to me and I give them back to their iPads with my notes to improve their work. It helps a lot with my paperless process. Very interesting app! Thanks!

  16. Lisa

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’m loving what this app can do on the go! I would use it in my work to support new teachers. What a great way to support them to grow in their use of iPads with students and in their own professionals work. Thanks!

  17. Rob Voigt

    Sounds like a great way to give my 6th graders feedback on their end-of-unit compositions. I ask them to submit compositions digitally; why not return them digitally… with my annotations?! I wonder then if my mark-ups are permanent… or whether students can dismiss (erase) them as they make final edits, revisions, etc.?

  18. Alen

    Hi Jennifer,

    I am a third year pharmacy student and my school has been going green in a lot of its classes. So they are no longer supplying us with printed lecture slides. Since the beginning of this year I have been printing out majority of the time but have decided to get an iPad Air. So using iAnnotate would help me a lot with editing lecture slides instead of printing lecture slides. I really like what the app has to offer and it will allow me to highlight important points and store all of my lecture files in nice folders that I will be able to retrieve in the future if I ever need to learn something over again. Thanks.

  19. Jill Reny

    I teach 8th grade world history and would love to use this app to grade my students work. We are in a district with a 1-1 initiative so it would be great to go even more paperless.

  20. Majen Hammond

    I would use it as an educational tool when teaching students how to write, as well as when presenting workshops to teachers on how to use an iPad in the classroom setting.

  21. Heather Gauck

    I teach K-3 resource special education students in an Urban school setting in Michigan. It is my goal to help students reach higher level thinking skills by using iPads as a tool for learning. I am always looking for ways to help students delve into their reading and interact with the words. I have been using Skitch for annotating but would love to try out iAnnotate. If there are any more codes I would love one!

  22. Todd Sturgess

    I am a middle school teacher and out school has gone completely 1 to 1 with iPads. I would love a code to continue to explore a paperless (almost) classroom. I also train other teachers in my building on how to better use apps. This seems like one for our school to explore.

  23. donnameehan3

    I am a instructional technology staff developer. Our school district just deployed iPads to every student in grades 5, 6, & 7. We decided on notability as our note taking/annotating app and schoology as our LMS. They seem to work well together. We also have deployed many sets of 10 iPads for classes to share. I would love to use iAnnotate with those classes as a productivity tool to share readings with both teachers and students and be able to annotate on them and share them back. It is a pretty amazing process!

  24. Anson

    Hi Jennifer, I am a 5th Grade Homeroom teacher as well as the tech coordinator at my school. I have helped several teachers turn the corner using Google Classroom and iPads recently and I believe that iAnnotate could be the app to help them realize how to synchronize their resources from ‘yestercentury’ with with their newly learned skills on the iPad. My goal would be to pilot this app in my classroom/communication with parents while co-developing lessons with other teachers to help them take that next step with technology in their classroom.
    Thanks for helping so many educators improve their classroom experience.

  25. Tracey graves

    I realise you have run out of codes but thought it might have been useful when talking with my students about writing and what good authors do. I would like to use it to annotate picture books, sentences and paragraphs and really pull apart the writing.

  26. hchapmanclassroom

    I would use it with our kindergarten students & our classroom iPad to make the students’ thinking visible. Students could share their thinking (about captured images, drawing, writing, math, etc.) on the iPad (projected via Apple TV onto our classroom screen) so that we could record & share thinking about things occurring in our classroom.

  27. Carrie Hawkinson

    We would demo and allow students to play with this app in our Tech Skills for the Business Environment course. We have an entire module dedicated to finding USEFUL apps for use in the business world. We have 30 iPads available for student use. I would load this on one of the those machines to be shared by many students.

  28. Dennis

    Hey Jen we will use it for our kids to annotate science journal articles as we prepare them for SATs by having them read informational texts

  29. bryantanner

    Jennifer, I am a doctoral student and teach “technology for secondary ed teachers” at a private university. I am constantly working with PDFs and often take screenshots to share with my classes (under Fair Use). May I please have an iAnnotate code?


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