Protect Student Data and Privacy in the Cloud – Come Join the Conversation

Come join the conversation about how we can all work to protect student data and privacy without sacrificing the benefits of learning and working in the cloud.

Source: Protect Student Data and Privacy in the Cloud – Come Join the Conversation

2 thoughts on “Protect Student Data and Privacy in the Cloud – Come Join the Conversation

  1. Doug

    Jen, I’m very glad to hear about this panel discussion on student data and privacy in the context of free service providers like GAFE. However, for me the more important question concerns the content generated by faculty/staff and a school administrators who use GAFE email accounts. We all share a great deal of very personal information with each other in our work to educate our students. Everything from personal psychological testing and SSAT scores to behavioral issues and disciplinary matters. I am more concerned thinking about how Google may be scaping data from these very private digital conversations. Would you please raise this question in the panel discussion? Thank you!
    Doug Fodeman, Director of Technology
    Brookwood School, Manchester, MA

    1. Jennifer Carey Post author

      Thank you for sharing your concerns Doug. You are right, what information Google is collecting is quickly becoming suspect. The official statement and policies from Google is that anything within the narrow scope of the GAfE domain (of which gmail is a part) are not being collected or mined for data. However, what is outside of it (YouTube, Google Searches, etc) is another story. Additionally, if you have someone using a personal gmail on a professional school gmail thread, that information would also be exposed to Google’s data mining bots. If they monitored and mined anything from a GAfE account to another GAfE account, it would be a direct violation of their ToS, agreements with the organization, COPPA, and FERPA.
      We do not have someone on the panel from Google, so I do not think that we will be able to delve more deeply into that. However, as Google comes under greater scrutiny, I suspect that realities of their mining practices will become more transparent.
      I hope you will join us for the conversation. You can tweet your questions to @theatlist in advance.


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