It’s simple! Life is bigger than School.

Richard Wells nails it again. This is why lifelong learning is so important!


How much of what you do now did you learn in school? I always like to keep things simple, if I can. At two recent #EdTechTeam events, I spent a lot of time understandably discussing the changes happening in education. My training sessions these days focus on the shifting of responsibility for learning from teacher to student. People are always asking me for strong arguments that they can use to encourage change in their school.

In New Zealand, it’s easier because our curriculum and official advice from government all support this change, it’s just the NZ schools that are taking time to break old habits. Outside NZ, it’s a little different, so I thought I’d use this post to cover one very simple universal truth about schools – they just don’t have the time to explain everything! 🙂

Life’s huge and on the move!

The next decade will have huge implications

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