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A brief hiatus!

I’m writing this on my cell phone as I am currently without Internet. I will be taking a very brief hiatus (hopefully no more than a week) as I move and get settled in Miami. I will still have access to email and social media so please feel free to send me a note! I just won’t be doing new posts for about a week. I will be back I promise!!

I am Moving to a new Position at the Ransom Everglades School

It is with excitement as well as sadness that I announce I am leaving my current institution, Trinity Valley School, to take  the position of Director of Academic Technology at Ransom Everglades School in Miami, Florida.

Trinity Valley has been an amazing school for me. I have been given the opportunity grow and learn as a professional and to work with students from around the globe. I will miss the friends and connections that I have made here.

At the same time, I am thrilled to be joining the staff at Ransom Everglades. A top independent school and right next to my alma mater (the University of Miami), I am exited to take up new responsibilities and explore new endeavors.

I will continue to post on my blog about my adventures in technology in education.

Apologies for the Lapse in Postings…

Apologies for the lapse in postings, it’s the end of the year and things have been rather hectic. At Trinity Valley, we have just graduated the class of 2012 (congratulations to all of you) and next week is finals. I will try to begin posting again soon! Thank you for your patience and for those of you who have expressed concern!


Jennifer Carey

Surviving the Week of Finals

As all teachers know, finals week can be exhilarating while at the same time exhausting and trying. Students are stressed yet excited and ready for break. We’re all pushed for deadlines – writing exams and grading them. Plus, I think my family is expecting gifts or something…

So, here’s a list of things I’m doing to stay sane this week

  • I’m taking an hour every day for me – I don’t answer the phone and I’m not checking email. I’m watching TV, leveling my WoW character, or just staring at the wall.
  • I’m hitting the gym to work off my anxiety and stress.
  • I’m eating healthy (at least 2 meals a day, 1 might be garbage). I’m trying to eat the requisite servings of vegetables and fruit every day.
  • I’m indulging – I bought some Christmas Chocolate (some small chocolate bells) and I’m allowing myself one soda (not diet) a day. I enjoy it. I deserve it.
  • I’m managing my time – or at least trying to do so. I won’t be writing all my exams at one sitting and I won’t expect myself to grade them the same way.
  • I’m taking a few moments of every day to just enjoy the season – my colleagues, my friends, and my family.

So, what are you doing to survive the second most stressful time of year for a teacher?

My Students Brighten Up My End of Semester – With Holiday Cheer

Any teacher can tell you that the end of the semester is always a struggle – rushed deadlines, end of semester grades, students that can smell the winter break around the corner, in addition to all of your own at home stress and focus. Apparently, forcibly drugging children is considered “wrong” and “illegal” by some people, so we have to push through it.

Today, two of my students reminded me why I love my school (and the kids that I teach). Today, during lunch, two of my kiddos decorated my office with some holiday cheer! It gave me the extra shot to get through… at least the next 24 hours.

Christmas Tree & Handmade Garlands

More hand-made Garlands

Handmade Icicles

My First Archaeological Dig

When I was 19 years old, I ventured into the jungles of Central America to excavate a Mayan Site. It was a Classic, Late-Classic Site located at Chan Chich outside of Gallon Jug. It was when I fell in love with archaeology and field work (one of the few things I miss from my times in academia). It was also when I knew that I did not want to work in the jungles of Central America. Have you seen the size of their spiders? I mean, seriously? They’re huge! Also, they have one of the most poisonous snakes in the world, a Fer-de-Lance. Our site was over run with them and I killed at least two with my machete (yes – I own a machete and I know how to use it – properly). Recently, I uncovered a couple of pictures from my first field work. I have decided to post them, even though they’re incredibly unflattering (terrible clothes, no makeup, covered in sweat and grime). Still, they remind me of good times!

The Problem With Kids These Days… It’s Their Music

The other day, I had a few students hanging out in my office (I am a floating teacher, I have no room to call home, so I have a small office in the library). They were sharing with me their music and I was horrified. “Why?” You ask? “Was it loud? Obnoxious? Laced with profanities? Encouraging violence? Complaining about the world around them? Promoted a message against ‘the man’?” No! It was none of that! In fact, I would say that it was wholesome, unobtrusive, inoffensive, easy to follow, melodic… in short, drivel.

Call me old fashioned, but part of being a teenager is being rebellious, bucking the ‘status quo,’ annoying your parents and everyone else over 21. The music of today’s youth represents none of that. I think they even use it to bond with their parents as opposed to rebel. A few of my student even gleefully told me stories of how they went to concerts with their parents. Horrifying. Of course, that may also be because going to a concert these days costs a small fortune.

When I was a teenager, half of my music tastes were solely to annoy my parents. I poured my babysitting money into cassettes as my mother continuously destroyed them believing that they were literally satanic. Kids these days have never even heard of a cassette or an 8-track… I listened to angry rockstars sing about love, the establishment, warfare, dropping out of school, fighting for your right to party, or any myriad of things that angered the older generation (the only requirement). I remember when I purchased Ice T’s iconic classic “Cop Killer.” Did I mention that my father had worked his way through Law School as a police officer? That went over well…

So, what is wrong with the world today? I propose that it is the music of ‘the kids these days.’ It’s their music. It has no marker of rebellion, anger, or discontent that marked the youth of my generation. Buck it up children!