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The iPad, Apple TV, and Classroom Management


Recently, my administration acquired for me an Apple TV to use in conjunction with our iPad 1:1 Faculty initiative (See my article: “Faculty 1:1 iPad 3 Program“). It was a pilot experiment to see if it would be a useful tool in the classroom and possibly worth some future investment. Of course, I knew it would be worth it! I am now cable free when I use my MacBook and my iPad! I can roam freely, project my whole screen quickly, and am fancy free!

However, there was an interesting side-effect that I didn’t anticipate – better classroom management. While giving lectures with a slide show, demonstrating a technique on the computer, or just taking roll I am tethered to machine. Or rather, I was tethered to my machine. Now, I can walk around the room during a lecture, demonstration, or daily classroom tasks.

So, while I’m talking if it looks like a student is distracted, I can quietly make my way to that side of the room. If students appear chatty in the corner, I can now stand in the corner. It is quiet, unobtrusive, and best of all, does not interrupt my presentation. I find myself saying less “Student X & Y, please stop talking and focus.” Instead, I am simply a presence throughout the room. This is especially helpful in my larger, more dense classes. It’s well worth the $99 investment!