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Digital Roman Archaeology

The famous Serapium at Hadrian's Villa, Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The famous Serapium at Hadrian’s Villa, Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

My friend and former Professor Bernie Frischer, Ph.D. has just formally launched his Digital Archaeology Project of Hadrian’s Villa. The Roman Emperor Hadrian built his luxury Villa at Tivoli during the 2nd century CE.

The Digital Hadrian’s Villa allows visitors to examine sections of site via plans, images, 360° panoramic views, as well as 3D walkthroughs. It also includes videos and interviews with prominent scholars. This is an amazing, and free, resource for scholars and laypersons interested in Roman history and archaeology!

New York Times Interactive History of the Highrise

Castle Village of New York City, courtesy of Wikimedia

Castle Village of New York City, courtesy of Wikimedia

The New York Times has published an interactive video created by documentary filmmaker Katerina Cizek. The video highlights the history of the high-rise throughout history.

The interactive video allows you to pause and explore various imagery and features. It’s brief yet informative and quite fun! Check out the video by clicking on the link here.

The Secrets of Ancient Rome’s Buildings (via @Sciam)

Today, Smithsonian Magazine highlights the incredibly engineering know-how of Ancient Rome’s builders. The Romans invented architectural techniques such as the true arch and the dome as well as critical materials, like concrete. While Roman buildings materials are not nearly as strong as what we have today, their enduring power can be seen all over Europe, Northern Africa, and Western Asia.

To earn more about the architecture of early Rome, see the article in this month’s Scientific American.

The Colosseum Deconstructed

The History Channel has posted an amazing video deconstructing the Colosseum. It’s a very short, less than 2 minute video. If you have any interest in the inner-workings of the Colosseum, check out the video at this link.

CNN’s video look into the Pantheon

Any student of my classes or listener of my old Archaeology Podcasts (2008 Classical Archaeology and 2009 Classical Archaeology) you know that I believe the Pantheon to be the most magnificent still existing classical buildings. It truly should be on everyone’s ‘bucket list.’

While images never do it justice (you really must see it in person), CNN has a short video blog highlighting the beauty of the building as well as its history. It’s well worth checking out!

You can view the here.