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Update – Using a Class Blog in AP Art History

I previously posted about using a class blog in conjunction with DropBox to do bi-monthly visual projects in AP Art History. You can read about them here: “Using Blogs in Class – AP Art History” and “DropBox – An Excellent and *Free* Resource for Educators.” This week, my students presented their second version of the project. They continue to impress me as they develop and hone their critical writing skills and ability to view and analyze Art. I am very happy with how this project has been developing for several reasons: it is a repository of visual information for the students to develop their image catalogue, they share information and further research on objects, it provides them regular and reviewed practice in analyzing and writing about Art, they are practicing their public speaking skills, and they are learning to read and constructively analyze their peers’ work.

Here are the instructions for the project itself:

For extra credit, I allow them to comment meaningfully¬†on one-another’s stories. It encourages them to read each other’s work and to think about it seriously.

Here is an example of some of their phenomenal work this week.