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Unique “Winged” Roman Structure Discovered in England

An entirely unique ‘winged’ structure has been discovered by archaeologist working in England, just outside of Norfolk. The building has no parallels in the Roman Empire and is clearly distinct from other structures in the Roman world (both within and outside of Britain).

“Generally speaking, (during) the Roman Empire people built within a fixed repertoire of architectural forms,” Prof Bowden

The structure appears to be connected to a villa complex nearby, but archaeologists are still unsure how the structure fits in with the urban landscape.

To learn more about the find, see the article at MSNBC and Discovery News

British Library Displays Medieval Manuscripts

The British Library is highlighting their collection of illuminated manuscripts from the 9th through 16th centuries. See this article on the BBC with beautiful images and an interview with the curator Scot McKendrick.

Tomb Found at Stonehenge Quarry Site

Archaeologists have recently uncovered a Tomb at the Quarry site for the stones used to construct Stonehenge. The Neolithic grave is adjacent to a ceremonial center located at the quarry (identified in 2008).

“The important thing is that we have a ceremonial monument here that is earlier than the passage grave… We have obviously got a very important person who may have been responsible for the impetus for these stones to be transported… It can be compared directly with the first Stonehenge, so for the first time we have a direct link between Carn Menyn – where the bluestones came from – and Stonehenge, in the form of this ceremonial monument.” Prof. Wainwright

To learn more about this finding, see the article at BBC.