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The Bully Project – Why do People Bully?

The Bully Project, a controversial and raw film about the workings of teenage bullying, is making is film debut and release today in New York and Los Angeles. Anyone who works with children or has children or was a child recognizes the pain and horror of childhood bullying. Often viewed as a ‘right of passage’ or ‘kids being kids,’ the reality is that bullying is a traumatic an unnecessary experience of childhood. There recent wave of teen suicides highlights the painful realities of bullying. See the preview for the film below:

Just as pervasive as bullying is, there are a lot of myths that surround the practice. One of the most common is that “Bully’s have low self-esteem” or that “Bully’s are outcasts.” The reality is that most ‘schoolyard bullies’ have pretty high self-esteem and enjoy a high status that accompanies their predatory behavior. Discovery News highlights this in the article: “Why Do People Bully?”┬áIt highlights the behavioral drive for this type of behavior as well as the social rewards that teens experience. I highly recommend this read for anyone that interacts with child or is working to (or wanting to work to) combat bullying.