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The Carmichael Watson Project at the University of Edinburgh

On my recent trip to the United Kingdom, we were given the privilege of enjoying a tour of the Rare Books Collection at the University of Edinburgh Library. We met with Joseph Marshall, Ph.D., the rare book librarian, and were given an amazing tour of the rare books collection, catalogue, and conservation unit as well as an informative history of the library. While there, we also got a quick glance of the Carmichael Watson Project.

Alexander Carmichael was a writer and an amateur  folklorist of Gaelic Scotland. His most prominent work, the Carmina Gadelica, recorded a series of poems, hymns, incantations, and so forth translated by Alexander Carmichael.

The Carmichael Watson Project, hosted by the University of Edinburgh, is an online resource of Alexander Carmichael’s works, including:

  • Full text transcriptions
  • Digital images
  • Fully indexed catalogue
  • Biographical Records
  • Geo-referenced place-names
  • Handwriting guide

If you have any interest in Gaelic and/or Scottish culture or oral traditions, this is a can’t miss exhibit. Check it out!