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How the Pope is Chosen

With the Papal Conclave looming, Daily Infographic shares how a Pope is elected:


Pope Benedict XVI – From POW to Pontiff, a Timeline

414px-Benedykt_XVI_(2010-10-17)_4Today, Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation from the Papacy effective the end of the month. He is the first pontiff to resign since Gregory XII in 1415 (nearly 700 years)! This Pope has been a controversial leader and one who has led a complex life and history.

MSNBC highlights the timeline of this Pope’s life in the article: “From Prisoner of War to Pontiff, an interesting look at the life of this complex figure in the Catholic Church, Christianity, and indeed the world.

Vatican Goes High-Tech in an Attempt to Preserve its Library

The Vatican has one of the most extensive collections of scholarly, religious, and literary collections in its tomes. However, the cost of its maintenance and the realities that even the best resources will not preserve them forever, has had the Holy See looking for a more permanent and high tech solution. Many see the use of technology as not only serving a conservation need, but also allowing greater access to its collection.

To learn more about the Vatican library and its endeavors to preserve its collection, see the article at MSNBC.

Ship From Ill-Fated Spanish Armada (1588) Discovered off the Coast of Ireland

Nautical Archaeologists have recently discovered a shipwreck off the coast of Ireland that they believe to have belonged to the ill-fated 1588 expedition to England.

In 1588, the Spanish Armada at 130 strong set sail to England with the intent of deposing Queen Elizabeth I. At the time, the Catholic country of Spain was embroiled is an undeclared ‘war,’ termed the Anglo-Spanish War, with Protestant England.

The ill-fated Armada, considered at the time a legitimate threat to the powerful nation of England, was all but destroyed in a storm off the coast of Ireland. Of the original fleet, fewer than 50 made it back him to Spain with the invasion never having taken place.

The unfriendly waters off the coast of Ireland make discovery and excavation difficult, but this new piece is anticipated to be a source of national pride for the people of England. Read more about the discovery in this article of the Belfast Telegraph.