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Do School Children Eat Like Prisoners?

An info-graphic produced at Daily Infographic¬†tackles the issue of school food and child nutrition. As our First Lady, Michelle Obama, is addressing the issue of childhood obesity and nutrition in her Let’s Move! project, our schools are failing abysmally to feed our children healthy, nutritious meals or even to provide them with the option.

Disturbing elements of school food: most children are provided less than one serving of fruit (and almost no vegetation), while overly-processed starches are par for the course. While prisoners are by no means being fed organic roughage, they are provided a half cup of vegetables and a full serving of fruit (verses no vegetables and 1/2 serving of fruit). Even more disturbing, fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Burger King actually test their meat products ten times more often than the FDA for pathogens, bacteria, and content levels. Fewer than 1/3 of schools meet Federal standards for saturated fat contents in their meals.

Is eating healthier more expensive? Of course (but not as much as you would think). However, a better diet is linked to fewer behavioral problems, lower levels of obesity, higher IQ, and lower rates of heart disease and cancer. In the long run, feeding our children a healthier diet is less expensive than the health issues that a poor diet learned in childhood will ultimately foster. One individual that is doing a lot to raise awareness of the quality of our school’s foods and healthy, inexpensive alternatives is Jamie Oliver – check out his Food Revolution webpage¬†and sign his petition! You can view his Ted Talk on this topic here:

This Speech was the winner of the Ted Prize in 2010. Help Jamie to achieve the goals he has outlined in his Ted Prize.