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Everyone Can Code With Apple’s K-12 Coding Initiative

Jonathan Wylie does an amazing job outlining a K-12 coding curriculum using Apple Tools

Jonathan Wylie

Apple’s coding curriculum for schools has been expanded and updated recently to include a full spectrum of offerings for students in K-12 classrooms. It even includes the ability to code smart toys like Spheros and drones. So, if you have access to Apple devices in your school, you should definitely take a look at what this program can offer teachers and students. Here’s what you can expect.

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Kids must code on iPads

iPad Wells continues to amaze me! Check out this latest post about coding using the iPad!


hopscotch flappy

An important 21st Century skill

This post is about a topic and app close to my heart. Computer programming is the engine of modern life and dream maker for tens of thousands. More and more countries are introducing the subject as compulsory schooling at surprisingly young ages. The UK is introducing a national school programme in september this year whilst also funding yearofcode.org to increase momentum. Code.org is pushing an international message with big-name endorsement. Even small countries like Estonia have their 5-year-olds taking their first steps into logical problem solving. A site I’ve used for years is codecademy.com

estonia codeWhat learning to code offers young people.

Even I was surprised at how much my students have enjoyed their first experience of coding this year. In a number of ways, coding offers a ideal learning experience. Students receive immediate feedback from any attempt and can see the results of their endeavours…

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Learn to Code with the Code Academy

CodeAcademy1If you’ve been wanting to learn how to code, check out the Codeacademy. This free resource takes you through the basics of fundamental coding – html, ruby, python, java, and more. Not only can this help with your own coding skills, it is a great tool to use to teach students.

Lessons are self-paced so you can go as slowly or as quickly as you would like. Be sure to visit often – like all languages, it requires regular practice!

Linguists Use Modern Technology to Crack 18th Century Code

A Section of the Copiale Cipher

A team of linguists and computer scientists from America and Sweden have cracked one of the oldest, undeciphered codes in history: the Copiale Cipher. The hand-written work is more than 100 pages in length and is a combination of symbols and letters.

The linguists and computer scientists used a code-breaking technique to ‘crack’ the language – essentially viewing translation as decipherment. While the “breaking” of this linguistic code is a huge breakthrough for linguistics, it still does not solve the issues of translation of older, still-undeciphered languages.

“There are these books and ancient languages of real historical value that contain historical information that we just can’t get out yet, and that’s of interest to a lot of people,” – Dr. Knight

To learn more about this recent discover, see the article in the New York Times.