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Rome 320 AD – Interactive App

My good friend and former Professor, Bernie Frischer, Ph.D., just announced a game that resulted from his collaboration: Rome 320AD. You can see Bernie giving a brief overview of 4th century Rome in this Kahn Academy Video.

The app follows the lives of four Romans as they travel through the city on a summer day in 320 CE. You can explore 3D, interactive models of the city in high resolution and detail.

The app is currently available in the Mac App Store ($5.99) and the Chrome Web Store ($6.99). iPad and Android Apps are in the making!

The Secrets of Ancient Rome’s Buildings (via @Sciam)

Today, Smithsonian Magazine highlights the incredibly engineering know-how of Ancient Rome’s builders. The Romans invented architectural techniques such as the true arch and the dome as well as critical materials, like concrete. While Roman buildings materials are not nearly as strong as what we have today, their enduring power can be seen all over Europe, Northern Africa, and Western Asia.

To earn more about the architecture of early Rome, see the article in this month’s Scientific American.

Happy Birthday to the Emperor Domitian – My Favorite Roman Emperor

October 24, 51 CE marks the birth of my favorite Roman Emperor – Domitian. He was the youngest son of the Emperor Vespasian and was the third, and last, of the Flavian Emperors.

Domitian was infamous for his ruthless method of controlling the aristocracy and senatorial class of Rome as well as his extreme paranoia. However, given that he was in fact killed by a familial conspiracy, perhaps “paranoia” is an unfair characterization.

In spite of the fact that he was loathed by the Upper Classes and demonized by the successive dynasty (whose right to rule was dependent on Domitian’s unfit ability to reign), the historical evidence suggests that he was a skilled economic manager and that Empire enjoyed a thriving economy.

Update on Roman Gladiator School Uncovered in Austria

I recently posted an article about a recent find of a Roman Gladiatorial School (Ludus) found outside of Austria.

Archaeologists have published more information on their findings of the school. The school remains buried, but has been mapped out by radar. Archaeologists argue that this finding rivals the great ludus outside of the Colosseum in Rome.

“(This is) a world sensation, in the true meaning of the word,” said Lower Austrian provincial Governor Erwin Proell.

To read more about this find, see the article at MSNBC or at Google News.

Archaeologists Discover Gladiator School Outside of Vienna

The Colosseum in Rome

Archaeologists have recently uncovered an amphitheater used to train Gladiators outside of Vienna in Austria. They are describing the find at “sensational” and state that it rivals inside the Ludus Magnus (the “Great School”) of the Colosseum, the largest identified Gladiatorial School in the Roman Empire.

Tl learn more, see this article in The Guardian or this one at FoxNews.

The Colosseum Deconstructed

The History Channel has posted an amazing video deconstructing the Colosseum. It’s a very short, less than 2 minute video. If you have any interest in the inner-workings of the Colosseum, check out the video at this link.