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Take Classes at MIT & Harvard for Free

MIT and Harvard University have announced a joint venture: edX which, starting the Fall of 2012, start providing free online courses for all. Students will receive a grade, but no actual credit (sorry, no Harvard Degree without enrollment). The hope is to provide ready access to online education along with prime educational material to interested parties. This is an exciting and innovative step in online education.

MIT Open Courseware – Free Online Course Materials

If you are not yet familiar with MIT’s Open Courseware, you soon will be. A few months ago, MIT elected to make a good chunk of its courses available to the public, free of charge. Now, this doesn’t mean that you will get credit or are entitled to enrollment should you elect to explore this free content. Still, you will have access to some of the best minds and educators in the world via one of the best institutions in the world. There is even an iOS app, so that you can take your content with you on your smartphone.

What makes MIT’s program unique here is that it incorporates a social media element, allowing enrolled and non-enrolled students to communicate about the course content and information – a new element of the online education phenomenon.

Courses include all core curriculum – Arts, Sciences, Humanities, Mathematics, Health, Technology, etc. If you’ve ever been interested in auditing a college course on any topic, this is an excellent resource for you.