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NYT: 100 Notable Books of 2013

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The New York Times has released its list of 100 Notable Books of 2013. The list includes both fiction and non-fiction works. If you own an eReader, Tablet, or have access to a computer, you can download samples on all of these titles using Kindle eBooks or Nook eBooks. Even better, if your local library offers eBooks as a borrowing option, you can add these charge free to your library!

Learn to Use iBook Author – Write a Book & Send it to the iBookstore

iBooks Author (Mac Only) is a free and easy-to-use tool for creating multi-touch books for broader publication (for free or for profit) in the iBooks Bookstore.

This great series of brief tutorials by DIY Journo can help you get to drafting and publishing an iBook in no time!

Are iPads/Tablet Computers the Textbooks of the Future?

One year ago, the iPad had just barely entered our Lexicon and now it seems like we’ve all jumped on the iPad/Tablet band wagon.

I’ll admit, at first, I thought that the iPad was little more than a large iPod touch. With a MacBook and an iPhone, what could I possibly need that things for? Plus, I thought that it sounded like a feminine hygiene product. Still, after a few months and seeing them in the hands of my colleagues, I realized that there was more to the iPad that has met the eye.

Schools have been quick to adapt the iPad in my ways. The largest money saver for students seems to be in the realm of digital textbooks (a rapidly rising cost for students and educational institutions.)

The Westerly Sun has posted an interesting article on this phenomenon. Are iPads the textbooks of the future?