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Higher Education – Not What it Used to Be

The Economist looks at Higher Education in American and examines whether the cost is truly ‘worth it’ for most American students now pursuing 4-year degrees.

Higher Education – Not What it Used to Be

What Has Happened to California’s Public Schools?

California was once lauded as a pinacle of public education – a California High School diploma was viewed as not only an achievement, but a mark of a well educated mind. Fast forward to 2011 and California now ranks 47th in the nation for student funding; its graduate rate is a measly 42nd. It has the widest gaps in teacher : student ratios and, on averages, funds individual students 35% less than other states.

What happened to California? Is it redeemable?  How has a state with so many resources, great wealth, and immense opportunity fallen so far?

There is a broad consensus that California’s public schools are not what they could be, nor what they used to be

This month’s Economist publishes an excellent exposé on the California school system and a great read for anyone involved in public education and/or wants to invest in our children’s future.