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Best Online Ed Tech Resources and Blogs

If you are looking to expand your resource network for educational technology, there are numerous free resources available to educators and students alike. Here are a few of my favorites. If they’re not in your feedburner, time to add them!

Edutopia – The George Lucas Educational Foundation is an amazing resource for K-12 educators. Their website has a myriad of materials for teachers and administrators – lesson plans, experiential testimonies, free and discount applications, and much more. Their website is not solely dedicated to educational technology, but rather innovative education in its entirety, including theory, pedagogy, and application. If you want to get the best snippets, follow them on twitter.

Cool Cat TeacherViki Davis is a full-time educator and ed tech pioneer! She blogs about her experiences in the classroom… all of them, successes and failures. Her writing is a true inspiration to those of us ‘in the trenches’ of teaching. In addition to her blog, she maintains an excellent website. She is a must read for all teachers trying to make a difference in their classrooms and schools.

FreeTech4Teachers – Just what it sounds like – a regularly updated list of free technology (usually apps) that can readily be applied in an educational setting. This web blog is maintained by Richard Byrne, another full-time educator. In addition to resources, he includes an excellent ‘ask me’ section and great tutorials (especially for Google Apps and Products as he is a Google Certified Teacher).

Edudemic – Edudemic is one of my all-time favorite resources for educational technology. It highlights various products, applications, social media, and more. It is wholly dedicated to 21st century learning and technological integration in K-12 schools. At edudemic you can find resources, tutorials, reviews, funding opportunities, professional development (free and paid), and even personal experiential stories. If you want to just grab the highlights, be sure that you follow them on twitter.

Google in Education (Teachers) – Many educators and institutions use Google Applications as they are not only innovative, but also free! Not only does Google provide free apps readily applicable in education, but they have some great learning communities! They have blogs, repositories of lesson plans, free training, and links for grants to help educators expand their professional development.

PLP Voices from the Learning Evolution – As a periodic contributor, I would be remiss if I didn’t give out a shout to my PLPeeps! The PLV blog should be in every educator’s Reeder. You’ll find experiential reflections, how to’s, resources, pedagogy, and more. Contributors are educators, administrators, students, etc. It truly is about innovation and real world application, not just theory.

Mind/Shift – This is KQED’s (the people who brought you Sesame Street) Ed Tech blog. It highlights stories and experiences from various adventures in Ed Tech – flipped classrooms, the ‘just google it’ mentality, classroom tools, and more. If you remember the Sesame Street of your youth, then you know that KQED specializes in concise and useful information. Their blog is no different. For snippets and highlights, be sure to follow them on twitter.

EdTechTeacher – Founded by educators, EdTechTeacher focuses on technological innovation in the classroom. They provide free and paid professional development in the form of webinars, podcasts, conferences, workshops, podcasts, and in person. Their blog highlight current trends in educational technology. They also have innovative lesson plans and various examples of application of technology (both successful and unsuccessful) in the classroom. Having attended both a workshop and a conference hosted by this organization, I can tell you that they are enthusiastic, informed, and skilled at preparing educators for innovative technology integration. Again, don’t forget to follow them on twitter!

This is a very concise list of resources. There are many, many others out there. I would love to hear your own lists and suggestions!