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What’s So Great About Schools in Finland? (via MindShift)

This month, MindShift highlights the amazing Finnish school system. Finland has by far the best school system in the world – but why?

MindShift points to a few key elements:

  • There are no private schools (a few independent schools exist, but they don’t charge tuition and are funded by the state)
  • All administrators have worked as teachers
  • They don’t focus on tests
  • Teaching is a revered profession (in the US, teacher are often labeled as ‘glorified babysitters’)
  • Fins trust teachers
  • They integrate foreign students

To read the full article in more detail, see it here.

American Teachers Do More Work for Less Money than Their Peers

Courtesy of Good is is this infographic that highlights the significant pay and work gap between American teachers and their industrialized peers. You can see the original here or click on the infographic below for a larger image.