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Stanford iTunes U – Election 2012

Stanford’s robust iTunes U offerings has become even more topical and current with the addition of its Election 2012 course. What makes this particular course unique and innovative is that it includes an online discussion element via its Course Piazza. The course description is as follows:

About Election 2012

This course will focus on the fall election in November 2012. Videos will be posted once per week, with serial examinations of major topics at stake in the election: foreign policy, the economy, the Supreme Court, and campaign strategy. We will also devote one session to California. Distinguished guests will participate in sessions moderated by the instructors, with participation by students.


  • David Kennedy, Dept. of History
  • Rob Reich, Dept. of Political Science
  • Jim Steyer, Commonsense Media

Please note that the post-mortem discussion on the election will be posted on Monday, November 12th.

Code of Conduct

  • The discussion forum is NOT intended for explicit electioneering or campaigning. You may not use this discussion board, for example, to solicit volunteers for campaign activities, to organize other students to work on behalf of any particular candidate, to ask students to sign petitions, etc.

To participate in Election 2012, you must register to create your Piazza account.

To download the lectures and content of the course, click here.

UC Berkeley Posts 86 Full Courses on iTunes U

I have posted many times about what a huge proponent I am of iTunes U as a resource for educators, students, and lay individuals with a passing interest in various subjects (history classes, philosophy, learning a foreign language, exploring world politics, etc). I recently posted an article focusing on how individuals who already have college and graduate degrees can use online resources to bolster or even change their careers: “Using Free Educational Resources to Boost or Changes Careers.”

Many Universities have embraced the online format and have begun publishing numerous classes in their catalogues online. These are not ‘new age’ online universities or small liberal arts colleges that none of us have heard mentioned. These are educational powerhouses, such as Yale, Harvard, MIT, and more.

In the past year, the University of California at Berkley as made a concerted effort to make large portions of the catalogue fully available online. Currently, the Spring 2012 catalogue, available on iTunes U has 86 full classes in mathematics, economics, history, the sciences, philosophy, law, and more. These courses range from introductory to advanced and are taught by the leaders in their field. You can view the entire catalogue by clicking here. Remember, you do not have to have an iPod or a Mac computer to play these courses. All that you need is iTunes on your computer (completely free software).

Using Free Educational Resources to Boost or Change Careers

I was recently visiting with a friend of mine who was expressing dissatisfaction in her career and was telling me about her new plan to do a complete career shift. Now, we are in our 30s, well educated, and the thought of going back to school (and adding to already crippling loan debt) can be rather daunting. Instead, she told me that she was planning to take some free classes via iTunes U and MIT OpenCourseware. I had never even considered the potential of these courses for career changes – especially for those who already have college and graduate degrees. However, the opportunities for those who wish to do their own professional development in field as well as broadening their own opportunities are truly boundless.

There are many resources out there, the most famous of course being iTunes U. With access to an iOS device or simply a computer with iTunes (free software), anyone can listen in (audit) classes on a variety of topics: history, philosophy, computer programming, marketing, business, and more. These are not cheap or hapless classes – rather, they’re from world famous institutions like Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Cambridge, and Oxford (to name a limited few). Heck, if you’re interested in the Classical World, you can listen to my own educational podcasts (from my years at TCU).

One of the most famous recent announcements has been the Harvard-MIT EdX initiative. Harvard and MIT have come together to offer online course enrollment for a grade (but no degree) for those interested. So, ‘regular joes’ can enroll in some of the most prestigious university courses for no cost and even receive a grade (although no credit).

So while you may not get a Harvard Degree, these courses are an excellent way for adults to hone their own professional skills, indulge a hobby or interest, or even give you the prominent background understanding to change careers!

Open Yale Courses on iTunes U

Today I would like to highlight Open Yale Courses on iTunes U. iTunes U is a collection of academic resourcImagees for both secondary and post-secondary schools around the world. The Open Yale Courses includes introductory classes on subjects from philosophy to astronomy. All courses are free, downloadable, and playable on your Mac or PC via iTunes or on your iOS device.

15 Opportunities for Free Online Education

A reader just forwarded me an interesting article entitled “15 Inspiring Examples of Free Online Education” by OnlineCollege.org. They list a number of gems ranging from online open academies, free resources, and courses offered by world-renowned institutions. They are geared towards beginners, early learners, returning students, and advanced levels of education:

  1. Khan Academy
  2. MIT Open Courseware
  3. Berkeley Webcast
  4. Tufts Open Courseware
  5. Open Courseware Consortium
  6. Academic Earth
  7. Textbook Revolution
  8. Project Gutenberg
  9. iTunes U
  10. The Open University
  11. Watch, Know, Learn
  12. The University of the People
  13. TED
  14. Wikiversity (I’m trying to find the time to be a contributed here)
  15. Instructables

You can find some wonderful information on nearly any topic, free books, supplements for student learning, and more!

iTunes U: Berkeley’s Fall 2011 Classes

The University of California at Berkeley at has made available a good chunk of its Fall 2011 courses via iTunes U for free! You can download courses on Biology, Chemistry, Economics, History, International Relations, Mathematics, Public Health, and more. These courses are entirely free – they require only a PC or a Mac with Apple’s iTunes software installed (also a free program). If you have an iPod, you can also take them on the go!

To look at the course offerings, click on this iTunes U link.

iTunes U: Focus on the Entrepeneur

iTunes U has just released a grouping of free podcasts with a focus on the entrepreneur.

One great focus is with a collection of classes (offered through the school of business, economics, social studies, etc) on Entrepreneurship. A few examples of the classes: “Building a Business” via Oxford University, “Entrepreneurial Leaders” via Stanford University, “Yale Entrepreneurial Institute” via Yale University, “Leadership in a Technological World” via Princeton University, “Knowledge @Wharton” via Wharton Business School, and many, many others – all from top Universities around the world. Best of all, this is all *free* – all you need is a copy of Apple’s Software iTunes (which is entirely free and available for both Mac and PC platforms). You can also upload the programs to an iPod or other mp3 player.

To check out Apple’s spotlight on Entrepreneurship, click on this link here.