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Gilder Lehrman’s First Ladies Series, Lesson Plans & Interactive Map

Eleanor_Roosevelt_portrait_1933This quarter’s Gilder Lehrman’s “History Now” series features the historical role of first ladies in American politics. The issue, “First Ladies’ Contributions to Political Issues and the National Welfare” highlights the roles of the President’s spouse from Martha Washington all the way to Betty Ford. It explores their personalities, political temperament, social role, and even controversial status.

In addition to these fascinating articles, they include two lesson plans that help educators present the material in alliance with the common core as well as an interactive map of their birth places. Gilder Lehrman provides a plethora of resources for teachers of American History.

A History of Warfare – Interactive Maps

The website Conflict History is an interactive map that traces the history of warfare across the globe. Span the interactive timeline to look at when various conflicts were taking place. Likewise, pan the interactive map to examine specific battles or war-related events. You can pull up images, wikipedia entries, and even add and edit your own information. As its powered with google maps, you can zoom in, view in satellite or traditional, and edit appropriately.