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Update on New Pyramid Hieroglyphics – Potentially Numbers

I previously posted about a recent discovery in the Great Pyramid at Giza of new hieroglyphics discovered with robots specially designed to penetrate previously unreachable crevices. You can read about that in this article: “Hidden Hieroglyphics Discovered in the Great Pyramid at Giza.”

Luca Matiallo, an independent specialist in Egyptian writing, has claimed to identify the marking as number:

“The markings are hieratic numerical signs. They read from right to left, meaning 100, 20, 1. The builders simply recorded the total length of the shaft: 121 cubits.”

To read more about this theory, read this article in Discovery News or here at MSNBC.

Maya Hieroglyphics – a study in Linguistics

National Geographic has an amazing article today about the evolution of our understanding of Maya hieroglyphs.

Our understanding of maya hieroglyphs is constantly evolving and has a special place in archaeological theory.

New Maya Hieroglyphics Discovered at El Palmar

Archaeologists have uncovered a new hieroglyphic stairwell at the Maya site of El Palmar in Mexico. Such a significant find is rare in the field of modern archaeology, but scholars are excited about what these new texts will reveal.

Maya specialists are still working on the decipherment of the text. You can learn more about where they are in their research (as well as a bit about Maya text) in this National Geographic Article.