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Interactive Timeline – History of Vaccines

My students are currently working on a research project and one just introduced me to a very cool source, an interactive timeline courtesy of the History of Vaccines. The timeline presents information on the history of disease, treatment, and prevention over the course of its medical history. You can explore key individuals, such as Louis Pasteur, or science’s impact on society and civilization.

Explore the timeline by visiting the website the History of Vaccines.


Happy Birthday Carl Jung – Check out the Online Exhibit at the Library of Congress

Carl Jung, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Carl Jung, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Today is the birthday of Carl Jung, one of the pioneering founders of the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy.

You can see Jung’s famous Red Book online via the LIbrary of Congress. The online exhibit is described as follows:

Features the preeminent psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung’s famous Red Book, which records the creation of the seminal theories that Jung developed after his 1913 split with Sigmund Freud, and explores its place in Jung’s work through related items from the Library’s collections.

Remember that all exhibits and materials via the LIbrary of Congress are free! To check out the exhibit, visit the link here.