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Calling Dr. Jones! Take the Famous Archaeologist Quiz!

Indiana Jones, care of Wikipedia

Indiana Jones, care of Wikipedia

Was there a real-life Indiana Jones? Take Discovery’s famous archaeologist quiz and demonstrate your mastery of archaeological history.

FYI, I scored 16/20 (80%)…. Disappointing…

Indiana Jen and WordPress Are Formally Linked…

Due to overwhelmingly support (well 2 of the 3 votes rendered on my poll), I have decided to officially meld my wordpress and website under one account. It’s all Indiana Jen. So, if you put http://www.IndianaJen.com in your browser, it will come here. I’ve moved valid content over here.

So, that’s it. Indiana Jen is official – the blog content will remain the same: archaeology, history, technology, and education. For those of you who don’t know, Indiana Jones¬†was an archaeologist, historian, teacher, and even played with new tech (that Ark of the Covenant was pretty tricky.