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Interactive Map of Global Indicators

Screenshot of Interactive Map, copyright PEW

Screenshot of Interactive Map, copyright PEW

The PEW Research center has recently published a new interactive map that highlights global indicators drawn from their database. Examine how the world’s opinion of President Barack Obama has changed over his presidency or the world’s opinion of China. The interactive map allows you to examine broad longitudinal data in depth and easily. Additionally, the visual data provides an easy way to comprehend the data.

This tool is entirely free and can help students and teachers alike explore complex topics. Check out the interactive map here.

NYT – Interactive Map of Poverty in the United States

SNAPThe New York Times has published a powerful interactive map of poverty in the United states. The nation-wide map provides color coded information county-by-county. Additionally for highly urban areas, such as New York City and Los Angeles, it provides even more detailed and specialized information.

The map is generated from data collected from the census bureau. The Poverty Threshold in America in 2012 was $11,945 for an individual under 65 and $23,283 for a family of four.

To examine the interactive map, check out the map here.

A History of Warfare – Interactive Maps

The website Conflict History is an interactive map that traces the history of warfare across the globe. Span the interactive timeline to look at when various conflicts were taking place. Likewise, pan the interactive map to examine specific battles or war-related events. You can pull up images, wikipedia entries, and even add and edit your own information. As its powered with google maps, you can zoom in, view in satellite or traditional, and edit appropriately.