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Infographic: How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education

We can all agree that, for better or worse, the internet is having a profound impact on education. I believe that the growing pains we are currently experiencing with new technologies will ultimately change how we teach, assess, and access education in both K-12 as well as Higher Education. The infographic below, created by OnlineEducation.net highlights that most radical impacts the Internet has had on education. You can read more about this via Edudemic here.


If the Internet Were an Ocean

Last night I had the privilege of moderating the twitter #1to1techat with the topic “Countering the Lock & Block Culture.” My peers were incredibly insightful and one shared this remarkable infographic:

“If the Internet were an Ocean” – An infographic by WebMagazin Volume1, exclusively presented by WebMagazin.de.

Digital Citizenship Week!

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

October 21-25 is Digital Citizenship week! Digital Citizenship is essentially being able to harness 21st century technologies to participate in the world at large, engage civilly in online discourse, and understand how to navigate 21st century tools and content.

There are a number of ways to celebrate Digital Citizenship in your classrooms or at your schools. Common Sense Media has some great ways to engage students, parents, teachers, and your community as a whole through education and activities.

While it’s a great time to specifically highlight Digital Citizenship, these are concepts and tools we should play with all year!

Student email is Dying, Long Live Student Email!


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The last few years, I’ve run into a struggle with students – they have stopped checking their student email. In fact, teenagers tend to spurn email communication in favor of social media,  messenger services, and text. This can be incredibly frustrating when you are trying to get in touch with a student outside of class (to schedule an appointment, touch base, ask a question, etc).

Today I’ve decided to implement an experiment based on the decline of email but the rise of the smart phone. If memory serves from my time as a teenager girl, it is physically impossible to separate a teenager from their smart phone. Today, I had all of the students take out their smart phones, set up their school email on it with push notification. Let the great experiment begin…


Pew Research Findings on Teenagers & the Internet


The Pew Internet and American Life Project has just published its findings of a 2012 survey about teenagers and their access to the internet. The information they have revealed is telling about just how pervasive the internet is to teenagers today. The findings demonstrate a steady increase of teenage online activity, with nearly 95% of American teens (those between the ages of 12-17%) reporting going online. Most teenager (nearly 3/4) access the internet via a mobile device (a Smart Phone or a Tablet). Nearly 93% of teenagers have access to a computer at home.



Even more interesting is Smart Phone access. Teenage ownership of Smartphones has jumped dramatically over the last two years.  Teenagers in the lowest socio-economic demographics (household incomes below $30,000 a year) were just as likely as teenagers from affluent families to own smart phones. However, they were more likely to use it as their primary form of access to the internet.

Great and more mobile internet access for teenagers across the socio-economic spectra is striking and incredibly important for educators. Students are more active online than they have ever been. It is the reality of the world in which they live. If we are to keep our educational system relevant, it is important that we harness and invest in their realm.

To see the report in its entirety, visit the article: Madden, et. al. “Teens and Technology: 2013” Pew Internet & American Life Project

Unleashing the Power of the Web in Education

At the 2013 SXSWed, Jaime Casap, renowed educational evangelist, gave a rousing speech about the power of the internet within the world of education.

SXSWedu 2013 – Unleashing the Power of the Web in Education from SXSWedu on Vimeo.