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iPad Summit 2012

I have recently gotten the opportunity to attend the iPad Summit of 2012, being held in Boston this November. I am so excited for the opportunity to collaborate with other educators that are employing this tool in their pedagogical development.

I have posted before that my school (Trinity Valley) has recently rolled out a Faculty 1:1 iPad program (with iPad 3’s). The goal of the first year is to get faculty and staff comfortable with the platform and to begin exploring new ways that they can use it for their own professional development as well as in the classroom. It is the first step of what will likely become a 1:1 program for students (although how that will happen or what it will look like are still in the ‘early development’ stages).

This is not my second year with an iPad, I have been working with one since I got my hands on the iPad 1 a couple of years ago. I immediately began using it to explore new and innovative teaching techniques. I blogged about it in my article “How I’m Using my iPad as a Teaching Tool.” I’m only now beginning to delve into new depth with the iPad 3. That, along with some selective roll-out of the Apple TV┬áin our computer lab, I’m hoping to have some great new ideas that I can use to share and collaborate with my peers.

I am so excited for the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other ‘tech savvy’ teachers and leaders in their individual fields. If you are interested in employing the iPad in your classroom or your school, I highly suggest checking out this year’s iPad Summit.