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First Day of ISTE as a Newby…

Today was the end of the first full day at ISTE. If you’ve never heard of or been to ISTE, it’s the annual conference for Ed Tech Educators around the world. Nearly 20,000 educators plus vendors, presenters, and keynote speakers. I presented my Ignite talk on Digital Storytelling, spoke to other educators, heard some inspiring talks, saw some amazing demonstrations, and took in more information than I can ever hope to process.

So, what was the most important thing that I learned on my first day at ISTE? Unequivocally this: wear comfortable shoes. Seriously, so much walking, talking, up and down stairs, to the next exhibit, to the next great talk, the exhibitor fair… I quickly regretted my choice of wedges. Yes they looked great with my dress but tomorrow, it’s all flats!

What’s the second most important thing that I learned? Educators around the world are passionate, innovative, and inspiring. I’ve truly been inspired by what other teachers around the globes are doing, the passion they have for their craft, and the sense of camaraderie that comes with working in this field. Today, I heard a group of IT professionals discuss the challenges and successes of implementing wireless access across schools, saw students discuss their achievements in the classroom, heard about the interesting world of MOOCs, and heard my colleagues like Don Orth and Douglas Kiang highlight their passions and achievements their institutions. At the end of the night, I’m in my hotel room and can hardly process it all… and I can’t wait to start again tomorrow!

ISTE Ignite Presentation: Digital Storytelling

This morning, I will be giving my Ignite presentation at the 2013 ISTE Conference. The title of my talk is: “Using Digital Storytelling to Ignite Passion, Challenge the Driven, Foster Creativity, & Tap into the Brilliance of those who Learn Differently.” As Ignite talks are only five minutes long, I will not be getting into the nuts and bolts of student projects. Rather, I will be focusing on the impact of powerful, multi-media projects on student learning as a whole. If you attended my talk (or are just interested in Digital Storytelling in general), here is some information on the Digital Storytelling project that I do with my students.

Digital Storytelling is best defined as: “multimedia movies that combine photographs, video, animation, sound, music, text, and often a narrative voice. Digital stories may be used as an expressive medium within the classroom to integrate subject matter with extant knowledge and skills from across the curriculum.” (Courtesy of Wikipedia). In my classroom, we just Digital Stories to relate research topics and projects.

This is a one week project that students work on both during class as well as outside of the classroom. I have written about my experiences with student projects several times. See my posts:

“The Learning Institute Project: Digital Storytelling”

My First Attempt at Employing Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

Digital Story Project

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

This is one of my favorite projects to do with students as it incorporates not only traditional research, but the use of imagery, audio, and ties it all together with a creative element. My students always wow me with their final products. Not only does it teach students traditional research skills, but new, 21st century research skills including issues of copyright and fair use. I highlight how students are instructed to find imagery in my article, “How to Find License Free Images for School Projects.”

Students may use any video editing services they like for the project. Generally, I recommend iMovie (if they are Mac Users) and Movie Maker (if they use a PC).

Below, find the instruction sheet that I hand out to students. This includes step-by-step instructions (this is a processual assignment) as well as some great troubleshooting guides:

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 10.34.21 AM

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 10.34.31 AMYou may download a copy of the Instructions here: Digital Story Instructions (please cite me if you reproduce this).

Additionally, I distribute to students the rubric that I will use for assessment:

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 10.37.12 AMYou may also download a copy of the rubric here: Digital Storytelling Rubric. Please cite me if you use or reproduce.

Overall, the projects have been hugely successful. Here are some great examples of student work:

ISTE Ignite Talk: Using Digital Storytelling

Logo-igniteOn Monday at the 2013 ISTE Conference, I will be giving an Ignite talk entitled: “Using Digital Storytelling to Ignite Passion, Challenge the Driven, Foster Creativity, & Tap into the Brilliance of those who Learn Differently.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the format of Ignite talks, they are 5 minutes long, 20 slides, and 15 seconds a slide. No extensions, no pauses, no backsies! I’ll admit, I’m a little nervous.

I, along with dozens of other presenters, will be giving our five minute talks on Monday, June 24 8:30-10:00am in Ballroom C-1.

I hope you will join us!

Heading to ISTE 2013!

ISTE2013logoTomorrow I will be headed off to San Antonio for the 2013 ISTE conference! I am very excited as this is the first time I have attended this international conference. If you are unable to attend, you can enjoy ISTE virtually via Access ISTE. If you are going to be at ISTE, check out the many great features to help you navigate this massive event, especially the cool Mobile App!

Also, if you’re coming to ISTE, I hope that you will attend my Ignite Presentation: “Using Digital Storytelling to Ignite Passion, Challenge the Driven, Foster Creativity, & Tap into the Brilliance of those who Learn Differently.” I will be presenting on Monday June 24, 8:30 – 10:00 am in Ballroom C-3.

I will also be live blogging the event both here and for EdTechTeacher. So if you’re not able to attend and want to keep an eye on what’s going on or are in attendance but want to check out another perspective, be sure to check back here or at EdTechTeacher’s Blog throughout the event!