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Digital Parenting 101: An iTunesU Course For Parents

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digitalparentlogo Digital Parenting iTunesU course

Part of having any type of success in a school is to have the support of parents.  While some schools can overcome a lack of parent involvement or support, most depend on the idea that “it takes a village” to raise a child.  The same is true of any successful mobile device initiative.  I’ve had over 50 talks/discussions/trainings with community members and parents in our district since the launch of the LEAP iPad Initiative in Fall of 2011, and that’s still not enough.

We’ve hosted panels of parents discussing their concerns and values with technology use.  We’ve brought in experts on cyber-bullying and internet safety.  We’ve even had back-to-school nights where we’ve invited parents to see and use the device as a child in the classroom would.

Knowledge is a powerful thing and lately, many parents are looking for more and more materials on what to…

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MIT Open Courseware: STEM Concept Videos

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 12.16.38 PMThe MIT Open Courseware project has released a new class on iTunes U: STEM Concept Videos.

“The Concept Vignettes are a series of videos produced by the Teaching and Learning Lab (TLL) at MIT, for the Singapore University of Technology and Design (STUD). Each video is designed to help students learn a pivotal concept in science and engineering.”

As all iTunes U courses and MIT Open Courseware, content is entirely free and can be downloaded here. You can also browse other MIT Open Courseware options on their website

iTunes U – Stanford School of Education

iTunes U: Stanford's School of EducationiTunes U is a great place to hear innovative lectures and learn from international and renown scholars from around the world. This summer, put Stanford’s School of Education on your iTunes enabled device. Learn about current trends and practices in education, recent studies an their relevance, as well as innovative learning practices. These are high quality and all free!

Subscribe to the iTunes U series here.

15 Opportunities for Free Online Education

A reader just forwarded me an interesting article entitled “15 Inspiring Examples of Free Online Education” by OnlineCollege.org. They list a number of gems ranging from online open academies, free resources, and courses offered by world-renowned institutions. They are geared towards beginners, early learners, returning students, and advanced levels of education:

  1. Khan Academy
  2. MIT Open Courseware
  3. Berkeley Webcast
  4. Tufts Open Courseware
  5. Open Courseware Consortium
  6. Academic Earth
  7. Textbook Revolution
  8. Project Gutenberg
  9. iTunes U
  10. The Open University
  11. Watch, Know, Learn
  12. The University of the People
  13. TED
  14. Wikiversity (I’m trying to find the time to be a contributed here)
  15. Instructables

You can find some wonderful information on nearly any topic, free books, supplements for student learning, and more!

iTunes U: Focus on the Entrepeneur

iTunes U has just released a grouping of free podcasts with a focus on the entrepreneur.

One great focus is with a collection of classes (offered through the school of business, economics, social studies, etc) on Entrepreneurship. A few examples of the classes: “Building a Business” via Oxford University, “Entrepreneurial Leaders” via Stanford University, “Yale Entrepreneurial Institute” via Yale University, “Leadership in a Technological World” via Princeton University, “Knowledge @Wharton” via Wharton Business School, and many, many others – all from top Universities around the world. Best of all, this is all *free* – all you need is a copy of Apple’s Software iTunes (which is entirely free and available for both Mac and PC platforms). You can also upload the programs to an iPod or other mp3 player.

To check out Apple’s spotlight on Entrepreneurship, click on this link here.

Harvard Voices – iTunes U

“Harvard Voices” was originally prepared for the 350th Anniversary of the founding of Harvard College and has been updated for the 375th Anniversary in the fall of 2011. Excerpts from major addresses by public figures and creative artists, as well as the musings of notable Harvard scholars, are included. Acknowledgements Professor Richard Tarrant, narrator Jacqueline O’Neill, Sarah Speltz, Tara Benedict, editors Anthony Di Bartolo, Margaret Keyes, and Jerry McDonald, Production staff of the Department of Media Services Katherine Kogut, Kogut Productions, audio formatting and editing Gleb Sidorkin, reader of Solzhenitsyn selection Peter Katz, Office of the General Counsel Lucinda O’Neill, Cover art design For previous work in production of the 1986 edition of “Harvard Voices” we acknowledge Richard M. Hunt, Donald Bacon, Michael Milburn, Linda Beyer, Jeffrey Martini, Barry Megquier, the Woodberry Poetry Room, Non-print Media Archive of the Modern Language Center, and the Cabot Science Library.

Download the series for free by clicking here.

Open Course Yale – The Civil War & Reconstruction (iTunes U)

Yale offers a free course via iTunes U entitled “The Civil War & Reconstruction.” You can download the free podcast here. The following is the course description:

(HIST 119) This course explores the causes, course, and consequences of the American Civil War, from the 1840s to 1877. The primary goal of the course is to understand the multiple meanings of a transforming event in American history. Those meanings may be defined in many ways: national, sectional, racial, constitutional, individual, social, intellectual, or moral. Four broad themes are closely examined: the crisis of union and disunion in an expanding republic; slavery, race, and emancipation as national problem, personal experience, and social process; the experience of modern, total war for individuals and society; and the political and social challenges of Reconstruction