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King Tut Buried Hastily

Some dark, mysterious spots found on the art and remains in King Tut’s tomb indicate that the Boy King was buried hastily. The spots, which were evident in 1922 when the tomb was uncovered, are still one of the mysterious aspects of the burial. Microbiologists at the Getty Conservation Institute┬áhave yet to match the melanins in the spots to any living organism.

Dark Spots on Art Inside the Tomb

Egyptologists believe that the young Pharaoh died suddenly which lead to a hasty burial. The dark spots seem to indicate that the painted plaster on the walls was not dry when the tomb was sealed, allowing microbes to grow on the moist regions fed with the accompanying incense and food provided for the Boy King to accompany his journey to the afterlife.

Read more about the mysterious spots in this MSNBC article and here at LiveScience. You can also listen to the Scientific American podcast.

Statue of King Tut’s Grandfather Uncovered

Archaeologists have recently uncovered a statue of Amenhotep III, the father of King Tut. The statue was uncovered as Amenhotep’s funerary monument in Luxor and is remarkable well preserved, especially for its large size.

In addition to the head of Pharoah Amenhotep, several other statues and artifacts have been recovered. You can read about the excavations and sicoveries in this MNSBC Article and at Discovery News.