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Scientists Identify “Black Death” as Yersinia pestis Bacteria

A team of German and Canadian scientists have identified the Yersinia pestis bacteria as the culprit in the Black Death (the plague that swept Europe and Asia killing 1/3 of the population).

By examining DNA bacteria from medieval plague victims, scientists believe that they have properly identified the bacterium that so readily swept through Europe.

The findings have been published in this month’s Proceedings of the National Academic of Sciences, you can also find a summary in Science Daily.

Off to the American School of London for an Ed Tech Conference

I’m leaving soon for the Learning Institute at the American School of London. So, postings will be a bit more sporadic – but I’ll be updating with news from the conference. I’m excited to network with colleagues an learn new skills. I’m also stoked to be doing it in the U.K. Quick fact – I lived for a year in Edinburgh where I did my Junior year abroad at the University of Edinburgh.