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Update on Roman Gladiator School Uncovered in Austria

I recently posted an article about a recent find of a Roman Gladiatorial School (Ludus) found outside of Austria.

Archaeologists have published more information on their findings of the school. The school remains buried, but has been mapped out by radar. Archaeologists argue that this finding rivals the great ludus outside of the Colosseum in Rome.

“(This is) a world sensation, in the true meaning of the word,” said Lower Austrian provincial Governor Erwin Proell.

To read more about this find, see the article at MSNBC or at Google News.


Archaeologists Discover Gladiator School Outside of Vienna

The Colosseum in Rome

Archaeologists have recently uncovered an amphitheater used to train Gladiators outside of Vienna in Austria. They are describing the find at “sensational” and state that it rivals inside the Ludus Magnus (the “Great School”) of the Colosseum, the largest identified Gladiatorial School in the Roman Empire.

Tl learn more, see this article in The Guardian or this one at FoxNews.