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Mass Grave Found in Mexico Identified as Ancient Victims

A mass grave recently uncovered in Mexico has, fortunately, been identified as more than 1,000 years old – putting to rest fears that they were victims of modern violence.

The grave contains more than 160 people (men and women) who were likely ritually sacrificed. The bones demonstrated markings of body modification ocular amongst the Ancient native inhabitants.

To learn more about this discovery, see the article at MSNBC.

New Maya Hieroglyphics Discovered at El Palmar

Archaeologists have uncovered a new hieroglyphic stairwell at the Maya site of El Palmar in Mexico. Such a significant find is rare in the field of modern archaeology, but scholars are excited about what these new texts will reveal.

Maya specialists are still working on the decipherment of the text. You can learn more about where they are in their research (as well as a bit about Maya text) in this National Geographic Article.