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Learn Chinese with Pleco

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Courtesy of Pleco

In the last few years, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) has become a prominent language in American Classrooms. As learning Chinese requires not only learning the spoken word, but learning a new text and character system, touch screen tools have become incredibly helpful in teaching students how to craft Chinese characters.

Source: Pleco

One of the best, free tools for students learning Chinese is Pleco, available in bothPleco iOS and Android Pleco. The free dictionary includes over 100,00 entries that are updated regularly. Students can look up words by…

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Harvard Professor Encourages Teachers to Embrace Mobile Devices to Reach More Students

Harvard Professor Chris Dede is encouraging teachers to embrace the mobile technology in the classroom in order to engage more students and to involve them in our evolving and fast paced economy.

“Can you imagine a student standing in the middle of the real world, with all its confusion and challenges, but they have a device with them that knows who they are, how they learn, where they are, what around them has been augmented for learning, who they like to learn with, and how to reach those people? That’s a very intriguing vision.”

To learn more about Dede’s ideas, see the article in Market Watch and check out the new thinkfinity community that focuses on technology and collaboration in learning.

The Best Android Apps for Education

Even though I’m an avid Apple consumer and a big proponent of iOS, I’m not foolish enough to think that it’s the only smartphone option out there. So, I thought I would highlight the Android platform. I spoke to friends and family, as well as did some research, and thought I would put out some of the best Android Apps (both free and paid). With the addition of the Amazon App store, many apps are more readily available and easier to peruse. Most of these apps will have an iOS counterpart, but some are unique to the Android operating system.

Twitter – (Free) the Twitter App for Android is a great tool for accessing and posting tweets.

Tango – (Free) video chat with other smart phone users over WiFi, 3G, or 4G

Kindle – (Free) access and read your Kindle books via your Android device.

Google Reader – (Free) access and read your RSS feeds via google reader. Syncs wirelessly with your google reader account.

Google Voice – (Free) send free text messages, make free domestic phone calls, check your voice mail, and make cheap international calls via Google Voice.

Google Docs – (Free) access, edit, and share your google documents, you can even upload and convert documents via the app.

SwiftKey – ($2.02) improved keyboard for Android phones to make typing faster and more accurate

Evernote – (Free) make quit notes or view existing evernote bits. Requires an evernote account (free as well).

DropBox  – (Free) sync with your DropBox account.

Read It Later – ($2.99) Store and access online articles via Read It Later for offline reading.

Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner – (Free) this application is awesome (I have it on my iPhone). Scan any barcode (using your phone’s camera) and it will pull it up at online merchants and, using GPS, local ones – comparative shop without leaving your home or directly in the store.

Voice Recorder – (Free) save your own voice notes and then send them to your gmail account.

Google Earth – (Free) access google earth on your phone!

Fluent News – (Free) this portable new reader will help to keep you up to date on current events across the world.

Sketchbook Mobile – ($0.99) Quick & easy creativity on the go. If you like to sketch and doodle, then you’ll love Sketchbook.

Catch Notes – (Free) Create text or voice notes and attach photos, barcodes and geotags. Sync and save your notes on the Web through Catch.com. Set reminders on notes; pin them to your home screen. Protect your notes with passcode lock. Share notes via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter

Quickoffice Pro – ($9.99) Create, view, and edit Microsoft Office files on the go.

Documents to Go Full Version – ($14.99) Create, view, and edit Microsoft Office files on the go.

ezPDF Reader – ($0.99)  Access your PDF documents wherever you are. Use Voice Reading to have documents read to you. Select Text Reflow, Fit to Text Column, or Change Reading Direction to ease reading. Play embedded video and audio, and access live hyperlinks. Copy and paste text in PDF view and bookmark as you go

Titanium Backup – ($5.99) Backup your data and your apps

3G Watchdog – (Free) Keep track of your 3G data to avoid overage fees.

Lookout Mobile Security – (Free) protect your phone from hackers and viruses.

Skype – (Free) Access your skype account from your Android operated phone.

I’m sure that there are many more that I’m missing, so feel free to add your own.

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