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Learn Chinese with Pleco

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Courtesy of Pleco

In the last few years, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) has become a prominent language in American Classrooms. As learning Chinese requires not only learning the spoken word, but learning a new text and character system, touch screen tools have become incredibly helpful in teaching students how to craft Chinese characters.

Source: Pleco

One of the best, free tools for students learning Chinese is Pleco, available in bothPleco iOS and Android Pleco. The free dictionary includes over 100,00 entries that are updated regularly. Students can look up words by…

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Have Mobile Phones In the Classroom Reached Their Calculator Moment?

Some interesting thoughts about cell phones in the classroom.


High School TI-35 (1980s) High School TI-35 (1980s)

Last week, while reviewing our class syllabus on the first day, I made a decision to do a little experiment. Rather than make the announcement that mobile phones should be turned off during class, I did the opposite. I told my visual anthropology class that unrestricted use of mobile phones in class would be allowed this semester.

Allowing all students to use their devices freely at all times seems very counterintuitive. In fact, even now I am concerned that in spite of my best intentions I will reap the whirlwind. Sometime last month, however, I reached the conclusion that mobile phones in the classroom have reached their “calculator moment.”

Let me explain.

I have a vague memory of debates among teachers back when I was in high school about the place of technology in classroom—specifically the role that calculators should have in math classes. Should students…

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Harvard Professor Encourages Teachers to Embrace Mobile Devices to Reach More Students

Harvard Professor Chris Dede is encouraging teachers to embrace the mobile technology in the classroom in order to engage more students and to involve them in our evolving and fast paced economy.

“Can you imagine a student standing in the middle of the real world, with all its confusion and challenges, but they have a device with them that knows who they are, how they learn, where they are, what around them has been augmented for learning, who they like to learn with, and how to reach those people? That’s a very intriguing vision.”

To learn more about Dede’s ideas, see the article in Market Watch and check out the new thinkfinity community that focuses on technology and collaboration in learning.