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Library of Congress Online Exhibit – African American History Month

Carter G. Woodson, historian and founder of Black History Month in America; courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Carter G. Woodson, historian and founder of Black History Month in America; courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

If your’e looking for resources for Black History Month, the Library of Congress has published an extensive online repository “African American History Month.” It focuses on the history of African Americans in popular culture, sports, politics, Civil Rights, art, and more.

You can view written documents, images, audio collections, and video as it pertains to different areas of study and focus. To access content, simply visit here.

Moving Past a 1992 Model for Community Engagement

morton-museumFlowing from last week’s post, I thought a good bit about engagement and the questions posed by Jordan and Allison in their reading journals for my Applied Archaeology and Museums class.  They asked about what if the public does not respond to a museum’s attempts at engagement.  I had a bit of an “aha” moment in my response when listening to a MOOC lecture…

Moving Past a 1992 Model for Community Engagement.

Art/Write Connecting the Common Core with Art History

University of Arizona Mascot, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

University of Arizona Mascot, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Many thanks to my friend and colleague Daniel Schneider for bringing this project to my attention. The Art/Write project out of the University of Arizona’s Museum of Art helps high school students to examine and write about art critically. Additionally, the projects highlighted there meet Common Core standards for writing.

“Writing requires careful observation, critical thinking, analysis of ideas and events, and of course creative thinking. When engaged with a work of art, students must also utilize the skills of sustained observation, imagination and interpretation. This web resource provides looking and writing activities that allow students to develop strong looking skills that in turn foster effective writing.” – Quote from Art/Write

If you teach art or are looking for ways to liven up your writing curriculum in conjunction with the common core, be sure to check out Art/Write.

Tip of the Week: Online museums

A great list of online museum exhibits! I published a couple of articles of my own: Best Online & Interactive International Museums and Best Online & Interactive Museums.

History Tech

Last week, Learning Never Stops posted a great article about a variety of online museums. You need to add over and check out the entire list. Some of their suggestions are history / social studies related and you’ll want to be sure to read their reviews of the following suggestions:

But there are other online museums out there that are super handy for classroom use. So today . . . a quick list of places you can visit for great resources to incorporate into your instruction:

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Online Exhibit: Exploring the Early Americas, Library of Congress

The Dresden Codex, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Dresden Codex, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Library of Congress is an amazing repository of cultural items relevant to the Americas. In their online and interactive exhibit, “Exploring the Early Americas,” the Library of Congress highlights important archaeological and historical discoveries of pre-Columbian and post-contact indigenous America. Some of the highlights of the online exhibit include the Dresden Codex and the detailed records of the excavation of the Aztec Sunstone. In the interactive exhibit, explore how to read Pre-Columbian artifacts or explore some of the earliest maps of the American continent.

The exhibit allows you to explore the myriad of cultures and peoples throughout the Americas well before European contact as well as the clash of civilizations that ensued with the arrival of Spanish explorers.

Check out the exhibit in its entirety here.

Saturday is Museum Day – Enjoy Free Admission!

If you’re like me, you’re a fan of museums. You’re also probably a fan of free stuff. Saturday, September 23 is Museum Day sponsored by the Smithsonian. Participating museums provide free admission (with tickets) for the day. You can receive tickets for two adults here.

To find participating museums near you, check out their map of venues.

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Smithsonian 3D Scanning its Collection

The Smithsonian is 3D scanning its collection to preserve it for future generations. Curators have prioritized more than 14 million objects for digitized preservation.  See the full article at Engadget. Check out the video of the process of scanning and preserving the Gunboat Philadelphia.