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Google Tools Launches Thematic National Geographic Maps

This 1921 map of Europe shows the countries established by the Peace Conference of Paris.

This 1921 map of Europe shows the countries established by the Peace Conference of Paris.

Google in conjunction with National Geographic has launched its thematic maps, available online and for free. They have integrated the new maps galleries into the google search engine.

You can learn more about the launch at National Geographic’s blog here. Maps from the National Geographic Society can be found in a special section of Google, here.

“Hangout” with JFK for Free with National Geographic


Courtesy of Wikimedia

NatGeo is hosting a  “Hangout” with JFK. These free hangouts will highlight the Kennedy Presidency, his assassination, and its legacy.

“Our goal in producing these Hangouts is to showcase experts and resources that educators can utilize to bring a historic event into a modern day classroom. Anyone who has an interest in Kennedy or the cultural and political state of the world in the early 1960s will find these Hangouts of interest, though, and there’s no need to attend all three if you so wish (although, we hope you will!). They’re non-sequitur and meant for your learning and enjoyment as an educator or an individual.” — Nat Geo

To learn more and sign up, visit National Geographic’s Educational blog.

Stunning Photos: Underwater Archaeology

Today, National Geographic highlights their stunning collection of photographs of underwater archaeology.

To see their collection, check out this article from National Geographic.

Leading Killer of Gorillas in Zoos – Heart Disease

Learned something new and alarming today – the #1 killer of Gorillas in Captivity is heart disease. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that our close cousins are subject to the same ailments that we are and Zoos are notorious for over-feeding their animals (keeping a while animal sedate can be accomplished with keeping them more than full) and providing very little physical activity – then again, not sure that I want to ‘exercise’ a Tiger.

Zoologists at Cleveland’s Metroparks Zoo are trying to combat this issue by changing the primates’ diet – exchanging starchy carbs for fiber rich greens. Read more about this process at National Geographic. Thanks to the Leaky Foundation for sharing this on Twitter (follow them on Twitter – @LeakyFoundation).

National Geographic – Education Section

Recently, the National Geographic webpage unveiled its Education page. It’s amazing! There are so many resources for teachers: custom maps, projects, lesson plans, ways for your students to get involved, articles on current theories in education (like Global Ed), etc. A great resource for Social Science teachers (like myself).

Check it out here