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Archaeologists Uncover Nearly Pristine Mayan Road

Archaeologists from the University of Colorado Boulder have uncovered a nearly pristine Mayan road in El Salvador. The remains were covered by volcanic ash during an eruption in 600 CE.

The road was a surprise find for archaeologists, who stated:¬†“Until our discovery, these roads were only known from the Yucatan area in Mexico and all were built with stone linings, which generally preserved well.”

To learn more about the find, see the article on Science Daily News.


Llama Poop – Instrumental to the Inca’s Survival

Yep, you read that correctly – Llama poop. New World peoples did not domesticate large beasts of burden with one exception – the Llama in South America. The Inca used Llamas as pack animals, as a source of hair for knitting & weaving, nutrients, companionship, and even their dung was instrumental. Like most civilizations, the dung of large animals was used for fertilization and burned as a fuel source.

Read more about the role of the Llama in Incan Civilization in this Discovery News Article.