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Take an Online Course from Harvard – For Free!

harvard_wreath_logo_1Harvard University is one of the most distinguished names in education. In addition to its brick and mortar classes, they offer a variety of online courses. In fact, a number of their courses are offered for free! If you would like to stoke your passions for Shakespeare, you can take a course on Hamlet. If you are interested in public health, check out the course on the Opioid Epidemic. There are hundreds of courses to choose from. You can browse and search on their website.

Cost & Benefits of Online vs. Traditional College

Online and hybrid college courses and programs are becoming more prominent in higher education. While we are still early in the evolution of online education, there are some interesting trends appearing. For example, online courses are (on average) pricier than their brick and mortar counterparts; but largely because of the disproportionate number of for-profit schools. At the same time, attending a course virtually can preclude paying out of state tuition. More students in business students take courses online, but the breakdowns in other courses of study are negligible. However, the most important element of online education is that it is still a struggle for students to finish a degree online.

Online vs Traditional College
Source: Affordable-Online-Colleges.net

Who is the Online Student?

For years, online education has been the institution of for-profit educational programs (most famously the University of Phoenix). Now, non-profit institutions are “fighting back” and becoming more invested in online education. Online Degrees has posted an interesting Infographic highlighting the evolution of online education.


How the Internet Revolutionized Education

Courtesy of OnlineEducation.net, check out this infographic about how the Internet has revolutionized education.

Some interesting stats:

  • In 1971 The Open University opens in England with an open admissions policy, and begins broadcasting lectures on television. 25,000 students enroll – it now boasts 250,000 students (the largest University in the UK)
  • In 1989, the University of Phoenix launched its private, online school starting with 12 students — it now has more than a half-million students.
  • In 2004, “Salman Khan records instructional YouTube videos to help his cousins with math. The rising popularity of these videos leads him to found the Khan Academy, a not-for-profit, free, educational online organization.”

Check out the infographic below. If it doesn’t blow up when you click on it, this is the referring page.