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Calling All “Wannabe” Archaeologists – Help Translate Papyrus Text

One-hundred years ago, archaeologists uncovered thousands of papyrus scraps in a rubbish pit at Oxyrhynchus. Many of those pieces remain untranslated.

Scholars are calling on all arm-chair archaeologists to help them decipher the texts:

As untranslated fragments appear on the website, character-recognition tools will help people match the letters to symbols. Once the letters have been transliterated, the computer verifies whether the manuscript has been translated by an academic. If not, it passes it on to the scholars for further study.

This endeavor has already produced a great deal of success – including the decipherment of a previously undiscovered Gospel. To read more about the project, check out this article in Discovery News. To give a shot yourself, check out the Ancient Lives website (no knowledge of Greek necessary).