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MIT Open Courseware: STEM Concept Videos

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 12.16.38 PMThe MIT Open Courseware project has released a new class on iTunes U: STEM Concept Videos.

“The Concept Vignettes are a series of videos produced by the Teaching and Learning Lab (TLL) at MIT, for the Singapore University of Technology and Design (STUD). Each video is designed to help students learn a pivotal concept in science and engineering.”

As all iTunes U courses and MIT Open Courseware, content is entirely free and can be downloaded here. You can also browse other MIT Open Courseware options on their website

iTunes U – Civil Rights: Voices of a Movement


Martin Luther King, Jr. - Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Martin Luther King, Jr. – Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

American RadioWorks, a subset of American Public Media, has published 10 free iTunes U episodes “Civil Rights: Voices of a Movement.”

“For much of the 20th Century, African Americans in the South were barred from the voting booth, sent to the back of the bus, and walled off from many of the rights they deserved as U.S. citizens. Until well into the 1960s, segregation was legal. Hear the voices from the heart of the Civil Rights revolution describe life before, during and after Jim Crow, Freedom Summer and Brown vs. the Board of Education.”

The accounts include transcripts, recordings, and other important artifacts of the Civil Rights movement. You can subscribe for free here.

iTunes U: Behind the Veil – Documenting African American Life in the Jim Crowe South

Separated "Whites" and "Colors" cafe in Durham, NC. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Separated “Whites” and “Colors” cafe in Durham, NC. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

iTunes U is an amazing, free repository for educational material for primary, secondary, and college level learning. Duke University’s Library has posted its collection, “Behind the Veil: Documenting African American Life in the Jim Crowe South.”

The collection includes more than 300 digitized recordings of interviews with African Americans that lived through segregation throughout the south, with a focus on the Charlotte-Durham-Enfield regions on the state of North Carolina.

You can learn more about the production and the full collection here and download the contents via iTunes U here.

6 Plagiarism Advice Webinars for You!

Plagiarism is the bane of educators, but here are some great tools to help you not only catch plagiarism, but to address it before it happens!

WJU EdTech

giulia.forsythe / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

We all want students to have integrity and submit class work with honesty. Yet, plagiarism exists. I found a site with some great resources for you! Plagiarismadvice.org released a set of 6 on-demand webinars.


  • A Quick Guide to Referencing
  • Identifying Plagiarism
  • Case Processing
  • Reducing Plagiarism through Assessment Design
  • Using Electronic Sources
  • Why Do Students Plagiarize?

The resources tab will bring you to downloads of useful articles including Fighting Dishonesty with Turnitin.

Other web sites that you may enjoy regarding plagiarism:

Plagiarism.org – learn more about plagiarism and how to cite sources, or check for plagiarism

The Plagiarism Checker – copy and paste text into the box to check

Plagiarismchecker.com – check for plagiarism plus handouts


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Social and Emotional Learning

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 3.02.16 PMGood educators understand that teaching isn’t just about content, it’s about forming personality and character in developing young people. Edutopia highlights the role of Social and Emotional Learning in its podcast series.

It’s not enough to simply fill students’ brains with facts. A successful education demands that their character be developed as well. That’s where social and emotional learning comes in. SEL is the process of helping students develop the skills to manage their emotions, resolve conflict nonviolently, and make responsibel decisions. Although family, community, and society are significant factors in fostering emotional intelligence and character development, educators must create a safe, supportive learning environment and integrate SEL into the curriculum.

iTunes U – Stanford School of Education

iTunes U: Stanford's School of EducationiTunes U is a great place to hear innovative lectures and learn from international and renown scholars from around the world. This summer, put Stanford’s School of Education on your iTunes enabled device. Learn about current trends and practices in education, recent studies an their relevance, as well as innovative learning practices. These are high quality and all free!

Subscribe to the iTunes U series here.

iTunes U Course: The Second Amendment

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 1.51.07 PMThe Institute for the American Constitutional Heritage at the University of Oklahoma has tackled the controversial and topic subject of the Second Amendment in a free iTunes U course. The description of the course:

“This course is a citizen’s guide to the Second Amendment. Recent tragedies have put gun control in the headlines, and the lines of political argument are sharply drawn. But what about the Constitutional dimension? The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution fundamentally shapes American gun control policy. In this course, a number of experts in history, constitutional law, and political science explore the Second Amendment from various angles. The viewers will learn about its history and purpose, about the ways that the Constitution is interpreted by different Supreme Court justices, and about the recent cases that define the current landscape of Second Amendment law. The aim is to provide the background knowledge necessary for informed citizenship on this issue.”

You can sign up for the iTunes U course and content here.