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Steven Sidebotham’s “Spectacular” Egyptian Site

Today, Scientific American highlighted the archaeological work of Steven Sidebotham, Ph.D.’s at Berenike, Egypt. Sidebotham, a History Professor at the University of Delaware, has spent more than two decades uncovering the site of Berenike – a place that has experience thousands of years of habitation from the early nomadic peoples of Northern African, the Egyptian Empire, the Roman occupation, and up to the modern day.

“This is an amazing, huge site with excellent preservation” because of the desert climate, Sidebotham said. “We’ve probably covered about 2 percent of the surface, so there are still several lifetimes’ worth of work to be done. We’ll never be finished with it.”

The projected has yielded information on the daily lives of ancient peoples from around the Mediterranean. As a port town, it saw traders from the Near East, Italy, Greece, and all over Northern Africa. The project is the culmination of Dr. Sidebotham’s life work. Read more about the project in the University of Delaware article or check out the dig’s website.

Here is also a brief video and interview about the site:

Roman Ship Excavated at Ostia

The Roman Port of Ostia has revealed yet another stunning find in the form of a Roman Ship (perhaps not a huge surprise given that this was the primary port of the City of Rome).

Discovery News is reporting on the recent excavations and the implications of this new find.