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Nature Magazine Highlights Nautical Archaeologists

This month’s Nature¬†highlights the work of nautical (marine) archaeologists working in Greece to find shipwrecks dating to the time of the Minoans (approximately 2700 — 1250 BCE).

Underwater archaeologists risk life and limb in frigid waters at dangerous depths to learn more about this pre and semiliterate society. To learn more about their exploits, see the article in this month’s Nature.

Paleolithic “Art Studio” Found in South Africa

Archaeologists in South Africa¬†have uncovered what they term an “art studio” dating to 100,000 years ago. Scientists in 2008 discovered a series of mixed ochre stored in abalone shells (used as a mixing or storage palate) in Blombos Cave. The findings were published in this month’s Science.

To learn more about this finding, see the article in Science (if you have a subscription), Scientific American, Fox News, BBC News, National Geographic, and Discovery News.