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Protecting Student Data & Privacy Online – TrustE, COPPA Compliant

Securing student data and privacy is an important topic in the economy of educational technology. While the Federal Government has declared several guidelines via COPPA and FERPA, it is very tricky to know whether or not a company or organization adheres to these requirements. Many of them assert that schools/institutions are responsible for enforcing COPPA compliance.

A great¬†tool for educators and institutions to determine a company’s abilityto protect student data is TrustE¬†certification.

The TRUSTe Children’s Privacy Certification program certifies compliance with the COPPA Rule and meets the requirements of TRUSTe’s standard TRUSTed Websites Program, which include ongoing site monitoring and privacy dispute resolution.

After passing the certification process, members receive TRUSTe’s trusted web seals to display throughout their respective web pages. Client Service Managers provide seal placement guidance to ensure members are maximizing the impact of the seals. More than 25 million consumers click on these seals annually to confirm TRUSTe membership.

Google Will Now Use Your Face in Google Ads, But You Can Opt-Out

Starting November 11, Google will begin using personal endorsement and reviews from individuals along with their image in its ads. To learn more about what this means, read the article by CNN. Users can opt even via the “Google Profiles – Shared Endorsements” page.

An example of a Google Ad and how it will appear.

An example of a Google Ad and how it will appear.