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More than 60 Pairs of Shoes Found in Roman Scottish Fort

Archaeologists working at a recently discovered Roman fort in Camelon Scotland have uncovered more than 120 leather shoes. The find is remarkable, not only for the fact that it is the best evidence for a Roman presence this far North, but the level of preservation.

In addition to the shoes, archaeologists have also found coins, jewelry, pottery, and animal bones. The fort was located along the Antonine Wall, the short lived earthen barrier built by the Romans in Northern Britain in their ill-fated attempt to further their presence in the ‘barrens’ of Scotland.

To read more about this find, see the article on National Geographic.

Two Roman Forts Uncovered in Scotland

Archaeologists working in Falkirk Scotland have announced that they have uncovered two Roman forts and a bounty of archaeological remains (such as axes, bones, jewelry, and leather shoes). The discovery is exciting as there is little evidence remaining of the Roman occupation of Scotland.

Archaeologist Martin Cook has said of the discoveries:

“This will be one of the most important finds in the Falkirk area for decades and one of the best ones we’ve been involved with… This proves that the Romans were there for a greater length of time, which is different to their normal routine of coming in, building something and then tearing it down so the natives can’t use it once they have left.”

Excavations at the sight have only just begun and further digging is expected to continue along with wide-spread conservation efforts. To read more about this find, see the article in the Scotsman.